What Are Some Tribute Poems for Veterans?


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Some tribute poems for veterans are "Veterans We Owe" and "Fields of Brave" by Roger W. Hancock. Another poem that honors the sacrifices of military veterans is "VietNam Veteran Tribute Poem."

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"Veterans We Owe" talks about how veterans are ordinary men and women. Some veterans adjust well to society after serving and others have an internal, mental struggle with the scars of service. Veterans make sacrifices large and small, the poem says, as the country celebrates the service of veterans.

Similarly, "Fields of Brave" says that young men become adults during battles. Likewise, young women sign up to serve the country. Even though the cause is noble, Hancock writes, death during war is sad. Service members that put the country above individual interests keep the country free, Hancock says.

"VietNam Veteran Tribute Poem" tells the story of a person that goes to honor fellow Vietnam veterans by traveling to Washington D.C. He notes that his "buddies" are cast in stone and that they look tired. A woman asks the man if he was with her son in Vietnam. The man says yes and cries as he hugs the woman.

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