What Are the "How to Train Your Dragon" Books?


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The "How to Train Your Dragon" books are a series of fiction novels for young readers penned by British author Cressida Cowell beginning in 2003. As of 2014, there are 11 published books in the series, which follow the adventures of a group of young Vikings who learn to tame dragons using methods other than those traditionally employed by their people.

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The stories take place on the fictional island of Berk and initially focus on a group of boys who are coming of age in the fierce Viking lands. The children become exiled due to their inability to handle their dragons, but eventually they return to Berk as heroes who understand their creatures on a much deeper level than those who have successfully passed the tests related to coming of age and taming the powerful creatures.

The series of books spawned related television and movie series, which made major changes to the characters to appeal to a very wide audience. These include personality changes as well as changes to the relationships between characters. The way the villagers in Berk view and treat dragons is also different between the books and television series or movies. The author noted on her blog that she is comfortable with the changes made in other media.

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