What Are Some Traditional Spanish Songs?


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"Asturias, Patria Querida," "Historia De Un Amor," "Besame Mucho" and "Romance Anonimo" are some traditional Spanish songs. Flamenco music and classical guitar are frequently referred to as the most famous styles of music derived from Spain.

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What Are Some Traditional Spanish Songs?
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"Asturias, Patria Querida" is the official anthem of the autonomous state of Asturias, Spain. When the song was written in the 1890s, it was normally played on the bagpipes. It then became one of the best-known Spanish songs played on the guitar. Several versions of the song are available in Portuguese and Polish.

"Historia De Un Amor" is written by Carlos Eleta Almaran, a songwriter from Panama. It is widely considered one of the most popular romantic Latin songs. The song has been recorded by numerous Latin artists and featured in a Mexican movie of the same name in 1956.

"Besame Mucho" is a popular Spanish song originating from Mexico. Written in 1940 by songwriter Consuelo Velazquez, this song was first recorded by Emilio Tuero, but Chilean singer Lucho Gatica made it extremely popular. It is part of the Latin Grammy Hall of Fame and is recognized as the most recorded Mexican song worldwide as of 2015.

The authorship of "Romance Anonimo" is still undetermined, but it dates back to the mid-19th century. The earliest known recording of the song is said to have been from Madrid.

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