What Topics Does the World Book for Kids Cover?


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The World Book is a fantastic learning resource for children that covers topics ranging from history and geography to science, animals and pop culture, with everything in between. The World Book offers content that is useful and interesting for school-aged children from kindergarten through high school.

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First published in 1917, the World Book is revised annually, with new entries being added all the time to keep up with changing and new information. World Book offers not only its flagship 22-volume encyclopedia set, but also a wealth of online resources to take children's learning to new levels. The interactive online version also offers games and activities to help children interact with the material to increase their learning and knowledge retention. The online version incorporates a section for parents or teachers as well, which includes tips and advice for helping children maximize their learning potential from each experience.

While the World Book is ideally suited for younger children hungry for knowledge, it can also be a valuable resource for older students when it comes to homework and research papers. Some of the more in-depth information that may not be of interest or may be too complex for younger children can prove useful to older readers who require a bit more information and understanding of difficult topics.

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