What Topics Does OFFGRID Magazine Feature?


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OFFGRID magazine is a digital publication about disaster preparedness for the urban dweller. This magazine is produced by the same publishers of RECOIL magazine.

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The first issue of OFFGRID was released in 2013 with a follow-up magazine in winter 2014. Initially, OFFGRID was released quarterly but, as of 2015, new volumes are released every 2 months.

Each new volume of OFFGRID is centered on a theme, such as preparing for economic collapse, surviving in winter conditions or surviving in the wild when injured.

The volumes contain articles on a mix of related topics from recommended survival and emergency gear to basic first aid. These articles are geared towards those interested in emergency preparedness, but are straightforward enough for beginners to understand.

  • Off Grid Rig
  • Spring 2014 issue, An article about the Toyota Land Cruiser as a bug out vehicle.

  • Caching, A Necessary Evil
  • Spring 2014 issue, An article about stashing survival gear in a separate location for emergencies.

  • Meat Feast
  • Winter 2015 issue, A taste test of various canned meats that one might keep in storage for emergencies.

  • Bloody Ingenious
  • Winter 2015 issue, An article about six emergency uses for women's tampons.

  • It Came From Space
  • August and September 2015 issue, An article on 10 uses for emergency blankets.

  • Bug Out By Air
  • August and September 2015 issue, an article reviewing the viability of bugging out via airplane

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