What Are Some Topics Discussed on The View Talk Show?

Topics discussed on The View vary from tabloid headlines, politics, social subjects, current national news, entertainment and celebrity news. Originally produced by Barbara Walters, who is also a creator of the show, The View is one of the longest running daytime talk shows on a network station.

Presidential elections are a major focal point on The View, as are entertainment and celebrity news. The co-hosts discuss each potential presidential candidate, followed by each elected party candidate, at great length. This also occurs when any major news breaks in Hollywood. Being that The View's format is one of a group discussion, opinions often vary. Some political and celebrity topics have lead to heated, on-air debates amongst the panel.

Occasionally, there are special topics on The View, including fashion, cooking, health and beauty. The fashion topic typically focuses on dressing for particular body types, duplicating expensive styles for less, and wearing what is most comfortable. Cooking segments are often seasonal or holiday-themed and include everything from healthy foods to decadent desserts and even cocktails. The health and beauty topic focuses primarily on women, but tips and tricks for men are also shared. Covered topics range from skin care, preventative medical testing and workout regimens to holistic cold remedies and how to apply cosmetics.