What Are Some Topics Covered by American Thinker?


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American thinker covers a variety of topics related to American and global politics, national security, economics and culture. It is a daily online conservative magazine, and among other topics, it also covers the defense of the state of Israel and American military strategy and actions.

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On its website, the editors of American Thinker claim that the publication is dedicated to covering any issue that is of importance to Americans. The magazine has been credited for starting a public outcry over a plan by the state of California to require programmable thermostats for buildings so that they could be controlled if the power supply was low. Issues of technology, business management, science and medicine and the practical and ethical dynamics of economics are also covered.

The writing on the website is divided into articles and blog posts. Many of the articles in the second half of 2015 are concerned with the presidential primary, a significant amount dealing with attacks on the Democratic candidates and more laudatory pieces about the Republican candidates. Some of these articles also take the Democratic President Barack Obama to task for his policies and actions. Other topical issues covered include gun control, gay rights and the rise of the Islamic State as a terrorist organization. American Thinker has been rated in the top 100 conservative websites in several lists.

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