What Topics Does Alex Jones Discuss on "Info Wars"?


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Alex Jonesメ radio program モInfo Warsヤ discusses topics ranging from 9/11 conspiracy theories to gun control, global currency and government surveillance. Jones is a well-known conspiracy theorist and radio host who uses his program to comment on a variety of social and political events.

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Jones is perhaps best known as the main proponent of the 9/11 Truth movement, which accuses the U.S. government of staging the 2001 terrorist attacks in order to increase political power. Jones announced during a June 2001 episode of the program that the U.S. government planned to destroy the World Trade Center and blame Osama bin Laden for the attack. Jones has also accused the U.S. government of perpetrating or participating in other terrorist activities, including the Oklahoma City bombing and the Boston Marathon bombing.

Jones is fiercely skeptical of the actions of U.S. and world governments, asserting that many of their practices are intended to manufacture fear and coerce the populace into subservience. He has frequently discussed hypothetical situations that could result in martial law in the United States. Jones is also concerned with the New World Order, a theorized totalitarian world government run by an elite cabal of financial and government leaders. Jones asserts that the New World order has increasingly consolidated its power through manufactured economic crises, widespread surveillance of citizens and domestic terror attacks.

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