What Are the Top-Rated Hong Kong Drama Series?

As of July 2015, "Ghost of Relativity" is so far the year's highest-rated Hong Kong serial drama according to Television Broadcasts Limited, or TVB. It has an average overall count of 26.5 million Hong Kong viewers.

"The Empress of China" comes in third place; it is the most expensive TV series in Chinese history with a budget of 49.5 million U.S. dollars, and in 2015 it reached an average of 25.25 million viewers. The top-rated drama series of 2014 was "Line Walker," and it also won the TVB Anniversary Award for Best Drama.

According to Nielsen ratings, "Gilded Chopstick" was the most-watched television program in 2014, but "Line Walker" topped it because ratings from all platforms were taken into account. Some of the highest-rated Hong Kong serial dramas by year, starting from 2010, "Can't Buy Me Love" (2010), "Forensic Heroes III" (2011), "Witness Insecurity" (2012) and "Triumph In the Skies II" (2013).