What Are the Top Persian TV Channels in America?


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Some of the top Persian TV channels in America include Ahl-E-Bait TV based in California, Channel One TV based in Los Angeles, Iran Zamin TV based in California and National Iranian TV - NITV. These Farsi-language TV stations and several others are free to air on the Galaxy 19 satellite with a location of 97.0 degrees West in North America.

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Ahl-E-Bait TV primarily airs programs of a religious nature and is considered a Shia Islamic channel. It is an independent television network and a nonprofit. It broadcasts at a frequency of 12122 MHz. Channel One TV airs programs in Farsi aimed at Iranians both home and abroad. Most of its programming focuses on current affairs and news. It broadcasts at a frequency of 12022 MHz.

Iran Zamin TV broadcasts at a frequency of 12115 MHz and airs a variety of programming such as music, news, sports, comedy and much more. It is also an independent TV station with emphasis on social and cultural programming. National Iranian TV - NITV broadcasts at a frequency of 11966 MHz and airs news, current events, education and entertainment. It is independent and airs programming 24 hours a day.

At least 20 more free TV channels airing programming in Farsi broadcast in North America, as of 2015.

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