Who Are Some of the Top Female Models in History?

Who Are Some of the Top Female Models in History?

Some of the top models in history include, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Christie Brinkley, Carol Alt and Iman. Most of these models have been household names over the years and are usually recognizable on sight even without following the fashion world. Some of these women were modeling before the term 'super model' was even a common term.

Carol Alt was one of the top models during the 80s and graced covers from 'Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit issue to 'Harper Bazaar.' When she was discovered for modeling, she was actually in law school, which she gave up to pursue her modeling career.

Christie Brinkley was the only model to ever grace 'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit issue 3 years in a row. Brinkley was one of the three models that were featured on a set of dolls put out by Matchbox.

Cindy Crawford may be the most well-known model of the last several decades. She had been on the cover of many magazines, worked for major make-up companies and even promotes her own line of furniture and beauty aids.

Iman was one of the first well known African American models to hit the scene, paving the way for women like Tyra Banks and Naomi Watts. She was married to David Bowie, but she was an icon on the fashion runways.