What Are Some Top Channels on Albanian TV?

What Are Some Top Channels on Albanian TV?

Top channels in Albanian TV include Top Channel, TVSH, TV Klan, Vizion Plus TV and TV Jug, as of 2015. Other TV channels in Albania include ABC News, A1 Report, TV Blue Sky Music, Channel One and Ora News.

Top Channel is a popular, independent TV channel in Albania that offers news, entertainment and informative programs. The channel is also available in Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States. The channel airs news reports and analysis, talk shows, sitcoms, documentaries and game shows. Some programs on Top Channel include "Portokalli," "The Voice of Albania," "Top Story," "Fiks Fare" and "Wake Up."

TV Klan is a private Albanian television channel offering satellite and high-definition terrestrial broadcast in Albania and Eastern Europe. The channel features serials, soap operas, reality shows and cultural programs. TV Klan airs shows such as "Lajme," "Ertugrul," "Superlibri" and "Bidai."

TV Blue Sky Music is an Albanian music TV channel based in Shkodra, Albania. The channel’s broadcast reaches Europe and North America through satellite and Internet Protocol television services. The channel features original Albanian music and promotes native artists.

Ora News is an Albanian news channel based in Tirana, Albania. The channel broadcasts programs, such as "Te Paekspozuarit," "Insight," "Ne Fokus," "Tangram" and "Kronike e Pambaruar."