What Are the Top 10 Movie Theaters in the World?

The top movie theatres in the world include Cine Thisio, Alamo Drafthouse, Raj Mandir Theatre and Kino International. Other top movie theatres include 4DX, Uplink X, Prasads, Cine de Chef, Secret Cinema and The Castro Theatre, according to CNN.

Cine Thisio is an outdoor theater with a magnificent view. Moviegoers can catch the latest blockbuster as well as the view of the Acropolis and the Parthenon. Cine Thisio was the first outdoor theater built in Athens, Greece.

Alamo Drafthouse in Texas requires moviegoers to adhere to strict policies, such as no talking and no cell phones. The theater does not run ads before movies. Raj Mandir Theatre in Jaipur, India accommodates approximately 1,200 visitors.

Located in Germany, Kino International hosts a solid list of festivals and parties. It is one of the buildings in the country that carry heritage status. 4DX in South Korea is the world’s first 4-D movie theater. It introduces wind and water effects as well as movement and scent.

Uplink X is the smallest movie theatre in Japan. The seats are not attached to the ground so moviegoers can move them around to create a more interactive experience. Prasads in India features the world’s largest IMAX 3-D screen.

Cine de Chef in South Korea combines the idea of an up-scale French-Italian cuisine with movies. Secret Cinema is a group based in London that organizes clandestine movie events. The Castro Theatre in San Francisco, California features a Mexican cathedral-style facade.