Who Are Some "TMZ on TV" Staff Members?


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Brian McDaniel, Ryan Satin and Harvey Levin are the most consistent cast members on "TMZ on TV," having each appeared in over 1,000 episodes of the show. The rest of the cast varies from episode to episode.

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Although all three men have appeared in a large number of episodes, the exact number of episodes and their roles on the show vary, according to IMDb. Brian McDaniel is a television editor and stand-up comedian and has appeared in over 1,300 episodes, which is more than any other cast member. Ryan Satin has appeared in over 1,100 episodes and is a producer for "TMZ on TV." Harvey Levin is a producer and writer and the host of the show; he has appeared in over 1,000 episodes.

Other frequent cast members for the show include Dax Holt with over 700 episodes to his credit, Stacey Newsome Santiago with over 500 episodes, and announcer Jim Goldenberg with over 400 episodes. The show has aired over 1,600 episodes throughout its run.

"TMZ on TV" started in 2007 and is filmed in Los Angeles. The show is focused on gossip and celebrity news and tends to deliver stories with a fair amount of humor and charm. As of 2015, it airs on Fox weekdays at 7:30 Eastern Time.

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