How Do You Find the Titles of WWE Songs?


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The WWE website is one of the best resources to find the titles of WWE songs. The WWE Music site provides videos of many wrestlers' entrances, along with the names of the songs and, sometimes, links to iTunes. The site also provides articles with names of classic themes.

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The WWE provides some of their music via iTunes, and users can browse the service to discover the names of some of the themes. They can also browse the WWE Music website to see which songs they are promoting.

The WWE site sometimes writes articles about the musical themes, including the article "The 50 greatest WWE entrance themes ever!" While limited to only 50 songs, this list provides the name of the wrestler, the name of the song, a video of the song, and a brief history of the song.

One of the most thorough lists of WWE Music is provided by the Pro Wrestling Wiki page. The site provides a brief section for information about the use and nature of WWE music and another section about its history. The rest of the page is an alphabetized list of wrestlers' names, along with the names and artists of their different theme songs. The site also provides information about non-entrance WWE music, including tributes and in-house compositions.

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