What Are Some of the Titles of Mitch Rapp's Books?


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As of 2015, "American Assassin," "Kill Shot," "Transfer of Power" and "The Third Option" are chronologically the first four Mitch Rapp books, as stated on author Vince Flynn's website. A new Mitch Rapp book, "The Survivor," is scheduled for release in October 2015.

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MItch Rapp is a fictional CIA counterterrorism operative in a series of novels written by Vince Flynn. The character is written as extreme and aggressive in his tactics. As of 2015, there are a total of 13 released Mitch Rapp novels, with another scheduled for release in October 2015.

The chronological order of the novels starts with "American Assassin" and is followed by "Kill Shot," "Transfer of Power," "The Third Option," "Separation of Power," "Executive Power," "Memorial Day," "Consent to Kill," "Act of Treason," "Protect and Defend," "Extreme Measures," "Pursuit of Honor," "The Last Man" and the forthcoming "The Survivor."

Original author and creator Vince Flynn died at age 47, on June 19, 2013. New York Times bestselling author Kyle Mills was signed to a three-book deal to continue the Mitch Rapp series. The deal included finishing works in progress, including "The Survivor" and two additional Rapp novels.

A film based on "American Assassin" is currently in the works.

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