What Titles Are Included in the "Private" Book Series?

What Titles Are Included in the "Private" Book Series?

The "Private" book series by Kate Brian consists of 14 novels and two prequels, as of 2015, including "Private," "Vanished," "Ominous," "Vengeance" and "Last Christmas." The series follows Reed Brennan as she attempts to navigate social intrigue at Easton Academy, an elite private school.

The novels follow Reed as she works to establish social prominence among the Billings House Girls. As a scholarship student with humble roots, the novels use her lack of status to distinguish her clearly from the other characters. Through the 14 novels, she works her way through several challenges, including hazing, being suspected of murder, her own possible death, the disappearance of a friend, and a strange revelation about her origins.

The two prequels examine the origins of Billings House and the history of one of the other characters in the main series.

Critical reviews of the series are positive-to-mixed, with Publisher's Weekly indicating that the only character with any complexity is the protagonist. VOYA suggests that while the plot draws readers in, problems come to resolutions too easily and offer no consequences to the heroine. Children's Literature praises the series for its readability.

Fan ratings are positive overall. Goodreads.com gives books in the series between 3 and 4 stars out of 5, with tens of thousands of fan ratings. Amazon.com maintains 10 to 80 fan reviews on each book, with average ratings also between 3 and 4 stars.