What Are the Titles of Clive Cussler's Novels?

"Spartan Gold," "Lost Empire," "The Kingdom," "The Tombs" and "The Mayan Secrets" are titles in Clive Cussler's Fargo Series of novels. Titles in his children's series include "The Adventures of Vin Fiz" and "The Adventures of Hotsy Totsy."

As of 2015, Clive Cussler has six novels in the Isaac Bell Detective Series: "The Chase," "The Wrecker," "The Spy," "The Race," "The Thief" and "The Striker."

The following nine books are in The Oregon Files series of novels:

"Golden Buddha"

"Sacred Stone"

"Dark Watch"

"Skeleton Coast"

"Plague Ship"


"The Silent Sea"

"The Jungle"


Cussler has been most prolific in his Dirk Pitt Adventures series, producing 22 novels:

"Mediterranean Caper"


"Raise the Titanic"

"Vixen 03"

"Night Probe"

"Pacific Vortex"

"Deep Six"





"Inca Gold"


"Flood Tide"

"Atlantis Found"

"Valhalla Rising"

"Trojan Rising"

"Black Wind"

"Treasure of Khan"

"Arctic Drift"

"Crescent Dawn"

"Poseidon's Arrow"

Cussler has been writing and publishing novels since 1965. His first Dirk Pitt novel came out in 1973. Due to his research for his novels and non-fiction books, Cussler has become an internationally recognized authority on shipwrecks. He has also written 11 nonfiction books related to his maritime research. Called "The NUMA Files," the books detail the real-live adventures of the "National Underwater and Maritime Agency," which Cussler founded.