What Are the Titles of the Books in the "Pern" Series in Order?


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Published in 1968, “Dragonflight,” is the first book in the Pern novel series. “Dragonquest,” “Dragonsong,” “Dragonsinger” and “The White Dragon” were published over the next 10 years. As of January 2016, the Pern series includes 24 books, including “Dragonheart,” “Dragongirl,” “Dragon’s Time” and “Sky Dragons.” Goodreads.com has a complete list of Pern novels and short stories.

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“Pern” novels deal with the lives of Pernese people and threats to their society, as well as the fire-breathing dragons and “Pern” riders who fight the threats. Thread, which are spores from a sister planet named Red Star, are the main threat to Pern. Thread spores burrow into and devour organic matter. Four groups of Pernese people are portrayed: the crafters, the Holdless, the Holders and the Weyfolk, which include dragonriders. Dragons are intelligent and linked telepathically to their riders.

In addition to “Pern” novels, there are “Pern” short stories. Some of the titles are “The Smallest Dragonboy,” “The Girl Who Heard Dragons” and “A Gift of Dragons: Illustrated Stories.”

Anne McCaffrey started the Pern series of books in 1967 and continued writing the novels until her death in 2011. In 2003, her son Todd McCaffrey began writing the novels with her and continues to author the series.

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