What Are Titles of Books by Daniel Silva?

What Are Titles of Books by Daniel Silva?

Daniel Silva has authored a myriad of best-selling books, including "The English Spy," "The Heist," "The English Girl" and "The Fallen Angel." These books form part of a 15-book series.

Daniel Silva is known for two best-selling book series: the Gabriel Allon series and the Michael Osbourne series. The Gabriel Allon series contains 15 books, and the Michael Osbourne series has three.

Both series are centered around a male lead character. The books may be summed up as being exciting spy novels, with many elements of secrecy and political intrigue. In his books, Silva explores the topics of terrorism and important current events, such as the unrest in the Middle East.

In addition to the fast-paced plot lines, the books include multi-dimensional protagonists who travel around the globe engaging in dangerous and exciting activities. Gabriel Allon is the protagonist in the first series. He is simultaneously an art restorer, a spy and an assassin, who joins up with a group of secret agents whose focus is espionage and Israeli Intelligence.

Michael Osbourne is the protagonist of the second series, and like his counterpart, he is involved in government intelligence and is a member of the CIA. The series centers around Michael's personal, all-consuming obsession with tracking down a KGB-trained assassin.