What Are Some Tips for Writing a Short Veteran's Day Poem?


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Tips for writing a short Veteran's Day poem include starting with an idea or goal to focus on for the poem, brainstorming characteristics of veterans to use in the poem, and revising the poem as much as necessary. Starting the poem off as a free verse poem allows the writer to write freely, without worrying about fitting the poem into a specific structure. The writer can adjust it later to fit a certain format.

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The writer needs an idea for the poem first, as he can then build the poem around that idea. Possible ideas for a Veteran's Day poem include how life would be different if it weren't for the sacrifices made by veterans, a story about heroic veteran moments or a description of what veterans mean to the writer. If the writer has veteran family members, writing about them is one way to bring an emotional connection to the story.

Writing about positive characteristics of veterans is a way to pay tribute to veterans with the poem. The writer can use whatever characteristics come to mind during the writing process or choose a few characteristics to include before writing.

Poems typically go through multiple revisions before they are complete. To allow a fresh look at the poem, the writer should put it away for a couple days after completing the first draft and then revise it. Reading the poem out loud often helps spot words or phrases to change. Another way to determine what to revise is asking someone else to read and critique the poem.

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