What Are Some Tips for Writing a Remembrance Poem for Someone Who Is Deceased?


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To write a remembrance poem for someone who is deceased, tap into emotions to write the poem, use details from the life of the deceased, and format the poem after the writing is complete. It can help to have other people read the poem out loud or even contribute to it.

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Emotions give a poem meaning and help it resonate with listeners, so write when emotions are high. Don't worry about the format of the poem at this time, as this may slow you down. The first writings don't even need to be in the form of a poem; they can simply be ideas and memories.

A remembrance poem should reflect on the life of the deceased. The poet accomplishes this by highlighting important moments from that person's life and emphasizing good characteristics. Another option is including that person's favorite expressions.

Remembrance poems don't need to be in any particular format. The poet can modify the poem as necessary after writing it so it has the desired rhythm.

By asking other people to read the poem out loud, the poet finds out what words and phrases people naturally emphasize. He can then ensure that the words of emphasis carry the appropriate emotion. Allowing other people to contribute to the poem, whether they have ideas for the poem or simply read it during the creative process, makes them feel included in the process.

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