What Are Some Tips for Writing a Poem?


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Tips for writing a poem include choosing an interesting subject, using emotion to write the poem and adding imagery to the poem through words. The author should first choose the pattern of the poem so he can use his words to fill the pattern.

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What Are Some Tips for Writing a Poem?
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The poet should choose a subject he has an interest in because this makes it easier for him to write. To find a subject, he can write about an important moment or person in his life. This allows him to more easily put his emotions into the poem, which may cause readers to connect more with the poem because they understand how the poet feels.

Words that add imagery to the poem give readers a picture of what the poet describes. Different types of imagery appeal to different senses. The poet can also use similes and metaphors for descriptions. However, he should avoid clichés.

Poem patterns include rhyming couplets, haikus and limericks, and poems without a set meter or rhyme scheme are called free verse poems. With a pattern selected, the poet can begin writing, filling the chosen pattern with his words.

Some poets have a specific writing time every day, while others write whenever they feel inspired. If a poet has writer's block, he can do something else, such as taking a walk, to clear his mind.

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