What Are Some Tips for Teaching Square Dancing to Kids?


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Some tips for teaching square dancing to kids include making the activity enjoyable, taking the time to teach new moves in detail and playing the songs for the students before teaching them the square dance. Another tip is to teach the students the individual moves one at a time, then, before incorporating any actual movement, play the square dance song for seated students while listing all the moves. Finally, put everything together including music and motion.

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The Kennedy Center’s ArtsEdge online resource recommends its Swing Your Partner: The Basics of Square Dancing resource, which contains a number of tips for teaching square dancing to children. These tips include making a list of the student’s opinions about square dancing, and discussing the history of square dancing in the United States. This resource also recommends teaching students basic square dancing steps using its own video resources. Pair the students, and have them follow the lessons to learn moves such as heads, positions one through four, left and right circles, promenades and the California twirl.

Another tip to engage students in a square dancing lesson is to divide them into four pairs and ask them to make up their own dance. Students should use five steps from options such as the swing, star family, allemande and do-si-do, then perform the original dance to music.

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