What Are Some Tips for Selling Secondhand Magazines?

What Are Some Tips for Selling Secondhand Magazines?

Some tips for selling secondhand magazines include selling magazines in sets and selling titles that are attractive to collectors. Sellers can also try choosing the right sales venue for the title or selling individual articles, photos or advertisements.

Selling magazines as a set can help make them more attractive to buyers. Sellers can group magazine by theme or date.

Titles or content that collectors look for tend to fetch higher prices. Some things to look out for include photos or artwork from famous photographers or artists, celebrity photos, pieces by famous authors and collectible titles.

Sellers have a large choice of sales venues, including online auctions, local specialty stores, yard sales and used bookstores. Online auctions are good for reaching a large audience and selling parts of magazines. Specialty stores can be helpful for reaching specific buyers interested in niche products. Book stores are good sales venues for rare or specialty titles. Yard sales are handy for selling magazines in sets.

Sometimes parts of a magazine can be more valuable than the title itself. Sellers can carefully clip photos, artwork, ads and articles from magazines and sell them as stand-alone products or sell the magazine intact. Framing artwork and images can help increase their attractiveness to buyers.