What Are Some Tips on Sculpting Female Figures?


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One tip for sculpting female figures is to multiply the height of the figure's head by 7.5 to find the figure's total height. If the figure is a heroine or a dancer, the length of the body is typically drawn at eight times the size of the head. Measure the width of the body using the head measurement as well. For example, an average female's shoulders are 1.75 times the head height.

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Female hips are typically equal to the shoulder width, although this may change depending on whether the doll is a dancer, boyish or more curvy. The thickest part of the thigh is the same width as the width of the head. Place the navel two head heights down from the collarbone on the torso.

For the arm length proportions, use one head height from the wrists to the end of an outstretched middle finger. The distance from the elbow to the outstretched middle finger is about two head heights. These measurements may change if the figure is a supernatural being, such as an alien or a fairy.

Show age in a figure by changing the size of the head after the proportions of the body are created. An older figure has a larger head, in addition to wrinkles or sagging jowls. A younger figure has a smaller head than the proportions indicate, with eyes that are the same size as an adult's.

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