What Are Some Tips for Round Dancing?


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Some tips for round dancing focus on how to lead, use the arms, move the lower body in Latin dances and improve specific steps. For instance, one tip to help a man lead better is to put a disposable cup between his hand and his partner's back. If he pulls her with just his hand, he crushes the cup. This reminds him to move his entire frame.

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Round dancers should consider the arms as extensions of the body. Hand movements flow from the arm. Therefore, the body starts the movement, and then it progresses to the arm and, finally, to the hand.

Another tip helps keep shoulders level during Latin dances: dancers should not stick out their hips. In order to support the characteristic graceful, fluid Latin movement, dancers should shift their weight from one leg to another. Hips shift, but not excessively. The weighted leg is straight, while the other bends. This keeps the upper body from tipping.

Cross steps are common in many round dances. During this motion, one foot comes in front of or behind the other. To make cross steps easier, dancers should twist their lower bodies while keeping the upper torso facing their partners. The lower body turns in the same direction as the step. For example, if the right foot crosses in front of the left, the lower body twists to the left, as well.

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