What Are Some Tips for Making a "Sonic the Hedgehog" Character?

What Are Some Tips for Making a "Sonic the Hedgehog" Character?

Some tips for making a "Sonic the Hedgehog" character include choosing a fitting name, assigning the character a gender and sketching your character to plan out his appearance. Another tip for creating a "Sonic the Hedgehog" character is to decide on an appropriate backstory for your character that clearly influences his motivation.

To make a "Sonic the Hedgehog" character, first choose a name that suits a standout characteristic you want your character to possess. For example, Sonic gets his name because of his speed, while Knuckles' name comes from the spikes on his fists and his punches.

Decide on the personality of your character by brainstorming your character's likes and dislikes. Determine how your character reacts to others and how he presents himself.

Create a past for your character. Ensure that your character is clearly affected by this backstory, whether it is happy or tragic. Derive your character's goals and objectives at least partially from his past.

Draw your character on paper to get a feel for his appearance and clothing. Choose appropriate clothing that looks as if it is from the Sonic universe. For example, most male characters in the Sonic franchise do not wear clothes, while the females do. Most Sonic characters wear either sneakers or boots.

Decide if your character is a hero, a villain or a neutral figure. Determine your character's relationship to Sonic; decide if he knows Sonic personally or if he is simply living in the same world as Sonic and the gang.