What Are Some Tips for Learning How to Rap?

What Are Some Tips for Learning How to Rap?

Some techniques to help aspiring MCs learn to rap include studying the works of more accomplished rappers, practicing freestyling, improving enunciation and writing rhymes every day. Employing these strategies can help rappers learn to rhyme and continue to improve their skills.

Studying other rappers is one of the most fundamental techniques to help MCs hone their skills. Rather than simply listening for pleasure, real MCs listen to hip hop with an analytical ear, examining other artists’ rhyme schemes, lyrical content and delivery. Many MCs start off by imitating their favorite artists and then learn to develop their own style.

Freestyle rapping and written rapping are two very different methods, but a rapper’s skills in one area can influence the other. Practicing freestyling in particular can give MCs the tools to improve their lyricism and incorporate more complexity into their rhymes. Novice rappers can practice trading freestyle rhymes with friends in order to improve their skills.

Proper enunciation is another technique that many beginning MCs need to develop so that listeners can better understand their rhymes. Practicing tongue twisters, speaking with an emphasis on consonant sounds and speaking while holding a pencil in the mouth are all techniques that can help improve enunciation.

Finally, aspiring MCs need to write lyrics every day in order to improve their skills and keep them sharp. Many rappers carry notebooks with them so they can quickly jot down ideas anywhere and then expand them into full raps later.