What Are Some Tips for Learning to Draw People?


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Some tips for learning how to draw people include carefully observing the person you want to draw, watching for proportion and constructing a scene for the figure. Taking a beginning life drawing class can help beginners understand the human body.

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When you are drawing people in public, look for people who are relaxing or not moving around much. Good places to draw people are parks, waiting rooms, restaurants and entertainment events. Draw quickly, and sketch in the entire figure before adding detail. Practice using only a few lines for an efficient drawing.

To draw a scene including people, pick one interesting person, and build the drawing around him. Start by sketching the larger shapes, and then work within them. Look for gestures, similar shapes and values, or other things that connect the elements in a group of people. Add shadows and highlights to your drawing to make the person look more realistic. Use an eraser to carve out light parts.

Check the person against the background, and use objects to help give the figure proper proportion. A cast shadow can keep the figure from looking like it is floating. Draw the entire figure instead of a cropped view for practice in drawing all parts of the figure, especially hands and feet.

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