What Are Some Tips for Keeping Updated Book Club Reading Lists?

Any compiled list of recent national and international books awards and nominees is a great foundation upon which to build and maintain an updated, contemporary reading club book list. These lists are usually categorized by genre, which can help both the individual and the group decide where their interests lie, allowing them to reach an agreement on the best titles available to them.

While most book club participants may have a familiarity with better known classic works, they may be unaware of the titles making waves on a more immediate basis. Typically toward the end of the year, most major publications put forward their own annual selections, along with relevant information concerning plots, themes and general accessibility. These lists usually try to encompass a variety of interests and frequently contain titles as disparate as biographies, literary blockbusters, current events and even the most obscure foreign novels.

Booksellers Amazon and Barnes & Noble both compile lists of award winners for readers to use. Each has the ability to make recommendations on the basis of past sales and recent popularity. If a book club reached a positive consensus on a specific book in the past, members may find similar titles to explore in the future based on these lists and recommendations.