What Are Some Tips for Having a Construction Drawing Produced?

Drawing a construction drawing to scale and using a set of standard architectural symbols are good tips for producing a construction drawing. Professionals typically draw large blueprints at a scale of 1/4 inch per foot, while they use different scales when drawing the entire house or smaller details.

When drawing a whole house or rendering tiny details, individuals may use a scale of 1/4 inch per foot, which means that a line that is 1 inch long is equivalent to 4 feet. The use of standard architectural symbols helps architectural designers and draftspersons easily understand construction drawings. While different designers may vary in their drawing styles, their construction drawings generally convey a clear meaning and provide a comprehensive guide for building a structure.

Also known as working drawings, blueprints or plans, construction drawings serve as a source of information on what to build in conjunction with project specifications, which offer details about quality standards, installation methods and types of materials. A full set of house plans typically includes sections, elevations, floor plans and other details that create a full image of the house.

Many architectural designers include basic construction information in construction drawings and then elaborate on standards, techniques and materials in the specifications. Alternatively, some designers add written notes to drawings, covering most issues usually featured in the specifications.