What Are Some Tips to Follow When Writing a Golden Anniversary Poem?


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Before starting to write a golden anniversary poem, decide which type of poem you want to create. To become familiar with different types of poetry and their requirements, visit websites about poetry that might have that information. Some types of poems include freestyle poetry, haiku, sonnet, limerick and other poems. In addition, decide whether the poem is going to be funny or romantic.

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First, gather all the information you have about the couple that can be included in the poem. Some good ideas include memorable and romantic moments from their life, cute names the couple has for each other, stories about their first date, or the birth of their children and grandchildren. When describing those events in the poem, try to incorporate all the five senses in the description, as this is going to help the people who are going to listen to the poem to feel like they are present during those events. Use adjectives to describe colors, smells, sounds and taste. Come up with several words that can describe the overall relationship of the couple, and incorporate them in the poem.

There are many elements of poetry, such as alliteration and assonance. Use these figures, as they can help the poem to sound more interesting, creative and cohesive. After the poem is finished, read it out loud several times to make sure that it sounds elegant. Make changes to create the best-sounding poem possible.

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