What Are Some Tips for Finding Answers to the Crucible Worksheets?


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The easiest way to find answers to questions about “The Crucible” is to practice critical reading habits while reading the play and to take notes that make it easier to remember events and themes later. While secondary study guides can help the reader to remember important subjects in the play, it is better to create a guide by reading carefully and writing down significant information.

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The specific questions found on “The Crucible” worksheets depend on individual teachers and the issues on which they choose to focus. With that in mind, however, certain subjects and themes tend to be common and are likely to appear on a worksheet. The easiest way to find answers to these questions is to read critically and to make notes on the play during reading, so that the information is easy to find later. While reading “The Crucible,” highlight important passages and lines, and makes notes in the margins of the printed play.

Keeping notes about “The Crucible” in a notebook or journal makes it easy to look for significant details later. For example, the play begins in the home of a Reverend whose daughter seems to be unconscious and ill, which leads to the Reverend calling on a doctor, which reveals to the audience the events of the night before. While reading through the play, make notes on what is happening, so that later, if asked why the Reverend calls on the doctor or what happened the night before the play begins, it is easy to find those answers. Secondary sources such as study guides can provide some helpful information, but these resources do not help as well as taking notes based on the reading and specific lessons from an instructor.

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