What Are Some Tips for Drawing SpongeBob?

What Are Some Tips for Drawing SpongeBob?

Begin a drawing of SpongeBob SquarePants with a rectangular outline for the body, and add guidelines to help position the facial features and ensure that SpongeBob is in proportion. Draw a line across the rectangle's bottom to mark where the body ends and the clothes begin. To ensure an accurate picture, sketch every element lightly with a pencil, and draw the final lines with a pen before erasing the pencil.

Sketch a rectangle on a piece of paper, with the top slightly wider than the bottom. Sketch two lines across the bottom to mark SpongeBob's clothes; these should not be too far up the outline as most of the rectangle is used for SpongeBob's head.

Sketch a vertical line down the center of the rectangle, and add three horizontal lines to show where his eyes, nose and mouth are located. The eyes should be about halfway up the body. Use a pen to draw the body's outline. Use curved lines to emphasize the sponge texture.

Outline the clothes with the pen, and draw in SpongeBob's tie, shirt collar and pants, minus the legs. Draw short sleeves and pant legs, and finish the arms, feet and hands. SpongeBob's hands have four fingers and circular palms.

Sketch in large round eyes, a small nose between the eyes, and a wide mouth. Add eyelashes, two front teeth and a small lower lip. Trace over the face in pen, and erase the pencil lines.

To finish the drawing, add color, shadows and a background. SpongeBob's body is bright yellow, his shirt is white, and his pants are brown.