What Are Some Tips for Drawing Pictures of Houses for Kids?


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Some tips to help children create a drawing of a house include using curved lines wherever possible to make freehand drawing easier, and drawing with a pencil so any mistakes are easy to correct. Guides for drawing houses are available on Mocomi.com, My-How-To-Draw.com and DrawingHowToDraw.com, as of 2015.

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To create a simple drawing of a house, children may start by drawing a straight line for the bottom edge of the house, or a curved line to represent the ground the house stands on. For a three-dimensional house, he can start by drawing a rhombus to make the or bottom of the house. It may be helpful to use a ruler for straight lines.

Once the ground is marked, the child should draw two straight lines to create the sides of the house. If a child has trouble drawing straight lines, Mocomi.com recommends making the sides of the house slightly curved. This lends the house a cartoon aesthetic, but may be easier to draw.

For a three-dimensional house, kids can draw a vertical straight line from each corner of the rhombus. Each of these lines should be the same length. The tutorial on DrawingHowToDraw.com recommends drawing the roof over the top of the cube so that the child is able to see where the roof goes in relation to the rest of the house.

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