What Are Some Tips for Drawing for Children?


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Some tips for drawing for children include to encourage them to learn more efficient drawing technique by simplifying those techniques and to use more personable language so that they can learn on an understanding level. Show them how easy it is to proceed, and be sure to answer any questions they may have, as this encourages an open forum environment where the children thrive and learn to draw better.

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When drawing, be sure to explain to the child that the drawing is not the only way to do it, and that there is a technique behind the drawing that can help them proceed. Avoid asking the children to copy drawings done by other artists or by a camera, and instead ask them to draw from things that they see. Have them visually arrange their drawings from stills, and have them take their time to perfect the details.

Encourage mistakes, and make sure that they know that mistakes are a normal and natural part of the learning and drawing process. Do not focus too much on the mistakes, and instead, make suggestions on how to improve based on those mistakes. Be soft and subtle in your approach for them to pick up on their own mistakes as they progress through drawing exercises.

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