What Are Some Tips for Drawing a Car With a Pencil?

A good tip to draw a car with a pencil is to find a good combination of light, dark and mid tone shades and to keep the edges clean and sharp. Good supplies include high quality graphic pencils, white watercolor paper and mechanical pencils for the finer details.

To draw a realistic picture of a car, getting the proportions right is essential. Use a grid with 1-inch squares to create the basic outline. Hard graphite pencils dent the paper while gridding, and the dents appear white when the image is shaded. Use soft graphite pencils to avoid this problem.

Begin in a left-to-right direction, as when reading a book. Also, begin with the wheels, as they are usually the darkest parts of the pencil car sketch. Drawing them first provides a reference point for how light or dark the other parts must be. After the front wheel is completed, draw the front fender. Erase grid lines as the sketch is drawn to make shading easier.

After the fender, move to the side door and upward for the window. Draw everything inside the car, such as the steering wheel and dashboard, a little lighter than what is on the outside. This gives the appearance of looking through the window. Use a lighter pencil for the roof and a very dark one for the door handles. After the picture is complete, look at it from a few steps away to check if any minor changes are needed.