What Are Some Tips for Drawing Anime Characters?


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To help develop anime, or manga, technique, begin by drawing your favorite characters in original scenes and positions to work on principles of movement, posing and clothing. Next, try developing new characters employing the lessons learned with borrowed themes and characters.

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Although manga is a unique cartooning style with its own signature look, teachers still insist that students develop a serious understanding of artistic approaches to human anatomy in general. This entails extensive practice with such physical elements as eyes, torsos, ears, hands and hair, as well as gender differences between them. Without anatomy fundamentals, new manga artists risk creating forms that appear as unintended exaggerations rather than reflecting proper style.

Seek out advice from other artists instead of basic friends and family, even if they are not necessarily manga artists themselves. They are more likely to give you critical opinions that keep your artwork improving rather than platitudes. Keep looking through old manga issues for further understanding of how action and pace keep the panels moving, thus ensuring the reader's interest. Do not avoid drawing certain character types or remain in a comfort zone. The wider the array of sizes, physical attributes, clothing styles, gender features and ages attempted, the wider the range of artistic expression you can ultimately achieve.

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