What Are Some Tips for Designing Newsletter Templates?

When designing a newsletter template, the header should be placed at the top of the page and include the company name and logo along with the title of the newsletter itself. Another tip is to make the color scheme of the newsletter consistent with the colors used in the logo, and this extends to font colors and borders or dividers. It is generally advised to prefer visual content over text, so space should be allocated for large, striking images, ideally close to the top of the page to draw the reader in, notes VerticalResponse.com.

It is recommended to carefully limit the word count, with some of the most successful newsletters often consisting of little more than a simple promotional offer encouraging readers to click through to the next step if the letter is emailed or another call to action if the letter is in print.

Just as words should be limited, so should the fonts used to convey them. As a general rule, two different fonts should be considered a maximum. VerticalResponse.com recommends choosing standard fonts, such as Arial or Times New Roman, to maximize legibility.

In addition to the main header at the top of the page, longer newsletters should include a series of subheadings. The subheading font should be clear, legible and larger than the body text but smaller than the main header.