What Are Some Tips for Commercial Restroom Design?


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Some tips for designing a commercial restroom include painting the walls with high-gloss paint, securing artwork to the walls so it cannot be taken down, placing toiletries in locked storage, having garbage cans near the door and leaving counters as clutter-free as possible.

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Use a high-gloss wall paint instead of a textured finish because it is much easier to keep clean. Keep all decor out of reach so that customers do not touch them all the time. If you store the toiletries and bathroom cleaner in the bathroom, be sure to keep them in a locked cabinet or box so that they do not go missing. Otherwise, designate a closet for supplies in an area not accessible to customers.

Consider using multiple light sources instead of a few large fluorescent lights. Sconces and decorative lighting add to the design of the bathroom as well. For an eclectic or contemporary feel, use framed mirrors over each sink instead of one large rectangular mirror secured with wall clips. If there is space in the bathroom, add a small end table and decorate it with a flower arrangement and a business card holder or fliers related to the business. If the business has a theme, such as an Italian restaurant or a zen-like spa, reflect that theme in the decor of the bathroom.

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