What Are Some Tips on Choosing a Catchy Event Name?

To create a catchy event name, consider using rhyming words, alliteration, humor or attention-grabbing action words. Reference a trend in pop culture, or use a variation of a past event that was well-attended.

Catchy event names grab potential guests' attention and implore them to find out more about the event. To create interest, use strong and descriptive words that capture the event's mood. For a sporting event or a big sale, consider high-energy action words such as "run," bounce" or "explosion." For an art or culture event, choose creative or dramatic words.

Rhyming words or alliteration also help make an event title easier to remember. For example, a "Turkey Trot" is more memorable than a "Thanksgiving Day Run." The former also makes good use of humor as a way to draw people to learn more about an event. If an event had good attendance in the past, reuse that name, or modify it slightly.

Brainstorming is a good way to begin the event-naming process. Begin by writing down a list of words that relate to the event and then any words that evoke the tone of the event. Using those words and the tips above, put together a catchy event title.