What Are Some Tips for Buying Music on Amazon?

Some useful tips when buying music on Amazon include considering the prices, the convenience and additional Amazon exclusive features. For instance, Amazon exclusive options, such as Amazon Prime, allow users to stream music for free or purchase digital music instantly. Amazon customers can choose options for buying music like streaming, digital, CDs or vinyl albums.

When purchasing music on Amazon, customers need to sign into an account. To create an account, click the Your Account on the top right of the home page and select Start Here. Account holders can sign in with their user name and password. When signed in, customers can purchase, view past purchases, utilize options and preferences and save items to the wish list or cart.

Music from Amazon can be purchased as digital music for instant download or in CD or vinyl format when available.

The Amazon Cloud Player offers customers the option to automatically download future purchases. To change or update music download preferences, visit the Amazon MP3 settings page and set the desired preferences in Your Download Settings. The settings must be done for each computer or compatible device used with the cloud player.

Customers can save money on purchases by qualifying or purchasing Amazon exclusive options such as Amazon Prime, Amazon Student and Amazon Mom. Amazon also features Today's Deals link from the top of the home page and music deals can be found by selecting Shop By Department, choosing the Digital Music option and clicking Deals.