What Are Some Tips for Building a Ranch House With a Basement?


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When building a ranch house with a basement, select plans that already account for a basement rather than modifying existing plans. Future homeowners will also need to remember to place the house on a foundation rather than a slab in order to have the basement.

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Building a house is a complex process, but homeowners that get involved from the start and do their research have an easier time. Ranch style homes are typically rectangular and built on a concrete slab. This is the standard layout, so homeowners will have to look specifically for a set of ranch style plans with a basement. This is because a sturdy foundation is required to hold up the structure of the house over the open basement.

It can also cost a lot of money to add a basement to an already existing slab-built ranch. The contractors not only have to dig the basement but underpin the house and build a foundation. An alternative option is to build an addition onto the ranch with a foundation and place a small basement underneath it for storage.

Plan ahead for unexpected challenges that come with building a house. For instance, the soil may be very sandy or the water table high. This can add extra costs into the budget to correct for when digging out the basement.

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