What Are Some Tips on Building a Geodesic Dome?


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When building a geodesic dome, use a dome calculator like the one at Desert Domes to determine the area of the dome and necessary triangle and strut measurements. Geodesic domes can be built as full spheres, half spheres, 5/8 domes and 3/8 domes.

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What Are Some Tips on Building a Geodesic Dome?
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A geodesic dome is a strong structure capable of withstanding high winds and earthquakes due to its unique shape. These buildings are also very energy efficient and make good greenhouses too.

Whether making a dome for camping, a greenhouse or as a durable home, it is essential to use the right materials for the project. Greenhouse and camping domes are typically constructed from plastic PVC pipe. However, a camping dome may be covered in fabric or heavy plastic. Openings should be provided in camping domes for ventilation. Those working on these projects may consider spraying the PVC pipe with Rusteoleum or another durable enamel paint to protect it from the elements.

There are builders who specialize in constructing geodesic dome homes and even sell plans for these houses. Dome homes are built from a wood frame, but rather than vertical rectangles the frame is formed from interconnecting triangles. Windows can be made by placing glass within any of the triangles instead of covering it with a wood exterior.

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