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Blackhair Magazine reminds readers that it is important to remember hair is dead, so once it has sustained damage, it cannot repair itself. Blackhair Magazine recommends avoiding hot tools as much as possible to prevent damage and treating hair with a moisturizing mask at least once a week.

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Blackhair Magazine offers a multitude of tips for caring for and styling ethnic and mixed hair. To prevent damage to hair, try not to style using heated tools, such as blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons every day. Style hair in an up-do to give it a break from heat damage.

Sometimes, thinning hair or a dry flaky scalp can be caused by a poor diet. Try reducing consumption of dairy and white wine and eating more fresh produce to balance out the body. Frequent trims can help to rid hair of split ends giving it a healthier, fuller appearance while promoting healthy growth with less breakage.

Taming mixed hair can sometimes be difficult. Blackhair Magazine explains that tricks for styling European or Afro hair won't quite work. Dry ends are often a problem with mixed hair. They suggest adding warm tones to the hair, such as cherry browns, rich chocolate or toffee to add warmth and dimension to the rest of the hair while drawing attention away from lighter dry ends. The magazine also suggests coloring with a color gloss. Color gloss fills in broken and dry sections of the hair shaft, making it shiny while taming frizz. The gloss also adds weight to hair, making it more manageable.

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