What Tips Are Available in "Virtualization For Dummies?"


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“Virtualization For Dummies” features tips for comparing server virtualization options, creating virtualized software environments and choosing hardware for server virtualization. The book also guides readers on making a server virtualization cost versus benefit analysis and managing their new virtualized environments.

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“Virtualization For Dummies” introduces readers to the topic of virtualization and helps them decide if a virtual environment is right for them. The book begins with a detailed explanation of the concept of virtualization, including how it works. It also highlights the benefits of switching to a virtual environment, including reduced operations costs, additional space in overcrowded data centers and lower energy costs.

Virtualization also provides improved infrastructure administration, effective utilization of network server capacity and better use of corporate capital. “Virtualization For Dummies” is ideal for readers who are new to this concept and looking to implement virtualization. The book can also be helpful for those who want to learn more about virtualization and successfully manage a virtualized environment.

Bernard Golden is the author of “Virtualization For Dummies.” He is the chief executive officer of Navica, a Silicon Valley IT management consulting firm. Author of the book “Succeeding with Open Source,” Bernard regularly features in magazines such as InformationWeek, Inc and Computerworld. He also owns the blog “The Open Source” and frequently speaks at industry conferences.

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