What Are Some Tips for Apple TV Installation?

What Are Some Tips for Apple TV Installation?

Buying an HDMI cable for connecting the Apple TV to the HDTV or receiver and connecting the device to a power outlet are essential tips for installing and setting up Apple TV. Once the TV loads, select a language when prompted by pressing the volume buttons and pushing the center button. Connect to the Internet through Ethernet or WiFi.

When using WiFi, wait for the Apple TV to scan for networks, choose your network, and provide your password. After connecting to the Internet, decide whether you allow the TV to share diagnostic details and crash reports to Apple.

When setting up a fourth-generation Apple TV, transfer login details for iTunes, WiFi, iCloud and Game Center from your iOS device to your TV by choosing Select Set Up With Device. Otherwise, choose Set Up Manually to provide the information using the TV remote.

To set up the TV using your mobile device, ensure that your device runs iOS 9.1 or a newer software version. Follow the instruction on the TV screen, press "Continue" when a message appears on your mobile device, and finish the process by following the onscreen steps.

Setting up the TV manually requires choosing a device for receiving the verification code and entering the code on the TV. Follow the onscreen instructions, and choose your desired settings for the screensaver, Location Services, Siri and other features.