What Are Some Tips for Adults Taking Beginner Ballet Classes?


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One tip for adults taking ballet classes is to master pliés early, as they are the one of the most common moves in ballet and can result in painful shin splints if not executed properly. Another tip is to be patient and consistent in practicing the splits. The splits often come more naturally to children, who tend to be more flexible, but adults can master them by slowly and consistently working on improving flexibility, explains At the Barre and Beyond.

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Adults may be hesitant to take deep pliés, but not dipping down far enough when executing this move can cause shin splints or other injuries. Another important step for avoiding injury while dancing ballet is to keep the body healthy and in shape. Many ballerinas maintain a healthy, lean body by consuming several small meals throughout the day and focusing on nutritious food choices, according to At the Barre and Beyond. Eating bananas is helpful in avoiding muscle cramps, and high-protein options such as homemade trail mix made with plain nuts, are also great choices for ballerinas.

Beginner adult ballet dancers should try not to let stereotypes about the competitive nature of ballet intimidate them, notes Dave Tries Ballet. The atmosphere is usually friendly and welcoming in adult classes. Dancers should attempt all moves the instructor introduces and not worry if they do not catch on as quickly as they'd like at first.

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