How Do You Get Tickets to See "Good Morning America" Live?

How Do You Get Tickets to See "Good Morning America" Live?

In order to get tickets to see "Good Morning America" live, fill out the online form on ABC's official website. Being in the program's live studio audience is free.

Many popular television shows filmed in New York City have studio audiences that allow�members of the public to sit in the audience and�watch live shows�for free. Fans of "Good Morning America" can boost their chances of getting a seat in the studio audience by making reservations.

  1. Fill out the form on the ABC website
  2. Go to the "Good Morning America" page on the ABC website. Fill out the online form to get tickets.

  3. Go to the taping location
  4. Go to Times Square at Broadway and West 44th Street before 7 a.m. on the day of the requested taping.

  5. Bring identification
  6. Audience members should bring valid photo ID to verify their identification.

  7. Follow the show's policy
  8. "Good Morning America" does not allow audience members to wear clothing or carry signs that advertise websites, products or businesses. They may bring a purse into the studio with them, but may not carry larger bags.

People who do not manage to get advance tickets can be part of the Times Square audience. They can join the Times Square audience by showing up in front of the studio at Times Square before 7 a.m. between Monday and Friday.